martes, 1 de mayo de 2007


TDynaMixte is an IW (IntraWeb) component than allow the execution of old desktop delphi forms or frames, in a new IntraWeb application.

The component creates hidden (or visible*) instances of the forms in runtime and “translate” it in HTML code to be executed into the IntraWeb page, and emulates the normal events in desktop controls to be executed in WEB mode.

The component communicates with the server by using Ajax Call, then is good for adding frame interactivity in a IntraWeb application without any “intrusion” in the rest of the IW form or components.

Of course, it can not “translate” every kind of forms and controls (it is not the panacea ;-) but can be very useful to make the Ajax in a new and very original way without lost any other IW Ajax features. It uses a very optimiced render engine and really, there is not any kind of Delay in the Application. The form creation is thread safe, and if not is visible don't use more memory than other IW form

There is a lot of context in which it can be used by novices and experts:

To include a “complex” Ajax independent frame into the IntraWeb application in a very easy way.

Reuse old forms to create New Ajax Applications, or reuse same form code in desktop and Web Applicacions.

When you really want translate a old form to IntraWeb, you can use DinaMixte first, to "Try" the functionallity of the form model in web, do posible changes, and then translate to IntraWeb. (You can use other tools to simplify the translation).

To create new generation of hybrid applications which allow interactive execution of Web clients and Desktop servers. (In the server, you can see the actions of the clients in the forms, direct assistence or interaction)*

* Execution the forms in visible mode is only possible in Alone server programs, not in ISAPI programs.